A Brief Guide to Promotional Flash Drives

People once thought of flash drives as simple storage devices for documents, but thanks to their widespread adoption, they’ve become commonplace in a variety of other areas. Below are a few common uses for custom flash drives that go beyond the transfer of work files from one computer to another.

Just What is a USB Drive?

While most people think of a small, rectangular object when they think of a USB drive, the tech behind the simplicity is really amazing. USB is an acronym for Universal Serial Bus, which is how the flash drive connects to the user’s computer. The USB connection allows the computer to recognize the info on the device so it can be viewed, edited, and used. The flash aspect is a reference to the device’s flash memory; it’s a way to store info that can be erased, written, and quickly rewritten. USB drives are a fast way to store and move data, and because they’re so small, they can go almost anywhere.

3 Great Ways to Use USB Drives

As a promotional tool: Custom drives are widely available, and they allow the customer to give promotional gifts that recipients will actually use. It’s a more user-friendly and useful alternative to company pens and other trinkets, and these drives can make a fantastic marketing tool.

As an alternative to a traditional catalog: When meeting with prospects, a person may take a paper catalog for politeness’ sake. However, they’ll need to be genuinely interested in the company’s products or services to hang onto that catalog. If the catalog is on a flash drive, the customer can simply accept it and plug it in later.

Direct mailing: Sending a custom USB stick is a cheap way to generate customer interest and get them to take a closer look. Furthermore, flash drives are very useful devices, and many people use them regularly. With a promotional drive, the company’s name is in front of the customer with every use.

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